KC Castellano, Miss Dance of the United

Did You Know?

Here is another installment of “Did you know?”, with more great information about what makes USTD so different!

Do you know what makes USTD so different? We’re going to be sharing some USTD facts with you over the course of the next couple weeks. Have a question about USTD or one of our events? Contact our director today!

USTD produces its own money which is valid for use at the USTD Clothing Boutique and Concession/Novelty Shop.

Letter from Johns HopkinsIn 2005, USTD was recognized by John’s Hopkins University as being one of the top rated Dance competition companies in the United States.

KC Castellano, Miss Dance of the United KC Castellano was the first Miss Dance of the United States to begin making public appearances on behalf of USTD and her official charity back in 2004.

Hip Hop dance at USTDUSTD hosts a separate Hip Hop Championship during Nationals week.

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